Star Clippers

Integrating the past with the present, Star Clippers offers a state of the art interior that has been inspired by ships from the past. Allowing its passengers a free reign to do as they wish, Star Clipper Cruises has created a casual yet quality infused culture on board the 3 tall ships which range from a rating of 3 to 4.5 stars out of 5.

A cruise ship from Star Clippers floating on the ocean

Star Clippers

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Relaxed Atmosphere along Quality Services

A passenger on board the Star Clippers Cruises will get to experience a relaxed atmosphere along with quality service. A friendly crew is also there to guide the passengers on any queries that they have and they can also enjoy time with the captain, swim in the onboard pool, enjoy drinks and delicious food at the bars and dining halls present on the vessel.

Learn From the Captain

Time with the captain while he plots the ship’s course along with a chance to learn how to splice a line or reef and sail is one of the distinctive characteristics which Star Clipper Cruises has to offer its passengers. A casual dress code along with modern conveniences are a major unique service being offered by this cruise line. Also, a chance to swim, windsurf or water-ski from the vessel’s Marina platform allows the passengers a thrilling experience and prevents them from getting bored because of constantly staying on the ship with a monotonous routine until their desired destination is reached. Also, Star Clipper Cruises caters to only a small amount of passengers on its vessels, mostly only a few hundred, to make for a better experience.

An Amazing Experience for Reasonable Prices

Star Clipper Cruises has set its lower budget at $400 per person hence allowing a wide proportion of people to travel on its cruise ships. By setting a comparatively low fee as compared to other cruise lines, Star Clippers has attracted a good number of passengers from the target audience and gained a good rating from them by providing comfort with style in a relatively affordable budget. Children under 18 are also allowed on the cruise, however, there are no special arrangements for their entertainment and they must be accompanied by an adult.

Most Beautiful Destinations Around the World

With European officers in charge along with an international staff, Star Clipper Cruises travel mostly to islands like Treasure Island, Windward Island, Grenadine Island, other destinations in Barbados, St. Maarten, Cuba etc. The cruise ships also travel to the Mediterranean and the Far East.