Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises offers luxury and excellent services that make you want to enjoy this cruising and expedition experience over and over again. Delicious food, mesmerizing scenery, amazing services, and fun-filled activities are all part of this exceptional cruise line.

The Silver Shadow floating on the ocean

Silversea Cruises


Time to get Spoiled and Relax

All of the Silversea ships are luxurious and quite spacious as well, making the ships look quite sophisticated. Here you can enjoy different cuisines from over the world, enjoy some of the finest wines and can try out dishes made by world-class chefs. On top of that, there are numerous activities that the cruise has to offer you.

You can visit the spa and experience some special treatments. Or you could take part in the wine series, find more about your favorite wines and try out some new ones. Play golf and enjoy top-notch dinner, or see the world-class culinary chefs use their signature techniques to cook dishes.

Enjoy Full Customer Satisfaction with Silversea Cruises

The Silversea ships are known for providing their passengers with the attention they deserve. The crew is bound to remember not only your name but also your preferences. Passengers receive the best services, and the Silversea cruise has succeeded in pleasing their passengers year after year. The attentive service, the pampering, the luxury and the chance to learn and gain new experiences is precisely why the Silversea Cruise has managed to win several awards throughout the years. For accommodation, the ships have suites, 80% of which have a veranda.

Dream Vacation for Couples

The cruise mainly focuses on couples and adults who wish to spend their nights cruising around the world in luxury. The cruise offers a chance not only to enjoy tons to activities but also get an opportunity to know how the world’s top class chefs cook using various culinary techniques.

Small-Sized Ships to Unique Ports

The Silversea Cruises consist of 7 small-sized ships. While the cost may be a tad bit too much considering the size, but bearing in mind the attentive service, the luxury, the variety of activities and the learning experience you receive, it’s safe to say that the cruise is definitely worth the money. The cruise due to its small size can visit harbors and ports where no larger ship can visit. The Silversea cruise travels around the world, and the Cruise voyage can take you to various destinations including the Caribbean, India, Alaska, New England, the Mediterranean, and loads more. Four of the cruise ships are expedition ships and offer Antartica and Galapagos cruises as well.