Ponant Cruises

Discover a fleet of 4 vessels which allows for choice. Le Ponant: 32 staterooms, a refined and efficient three-masted sailing yacht; Le Boréal, L’Austral and Le Soléal: three sublime 132 staterooms and suites yachts; and our last vessel

A cruise ship of Ponant Cruises floating on the ocean

Ponant Cruises

©PONANT/Guillaume Plisson

At First Glance

The le Ponant cruises invite you to a place where you can discover and rediscover the mesmerizing and breathtaking incredible destinations with a touch of French style. On the ship, guests can experience different cultures and enjoy what nature has to provide.

Philosophy of Cruise Line

The Ponant yachts have been built with an intimate touch, and it is a treasure on the sea which is the luxurious style on the board. The expertize, French crew, gastronomy, and attentive services allow you to sail on the five-star service where you can discover the world. The adventure is rich with discovery and encounters with secret bays on the Mediterranean as well as sailings on the icebergs of Antarctica. It has a complete French touch along with a French crew that delightfully welcomes you and ensures your comfort.

Unique Benefits

The Ponant cruises have various amazing shore excursions with the flights and the choice of various airlines and classes which are available for the passengers of Ponant. The attractive prices can be controlled easily, and the budget-friendly cruise ensures your comfort, service, and safety. They serve you with the best while the customization of the trip ensures that you are completely satisfied. Since the ships are equipped with the latest technology and are small in size, cruisers can enjoy the view that off-the-beaten-track places has to offer.

Target Groups

The young ones, adults, and older adults are all welcomed aboard the Ponant cruise. Here, they can have a mesmerizing and unforgettable feeling of the trip. You can have your family as well as partner with you who will make you enjoy the experience more!

Cruise Line Characteristics

The Ponant cruise and the ships can accommodate up to 264 passengers at a time, and even with such a number, you can easily maintain your privacy. You will feel that you are on your own private yacht and the yacht serves you with the legendary feeling of port calls and sail harbors which are accessible at ease. Expeditions on the remote lands of the Alaska and island hopping on the Caribbean Sea are also included in the itinerary. An authentic and sophisticated service is provided to enhance your travel experience. The atmosphere of the Ponant cruise along with the five-star service will make you fall in love with it.