Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line’s ships are gigantic, offering luxury voyages at comparatively lower fares. Cruises are globally known for their outclass services and freestyle cruising concept.

The Norwegian Dawn floating on the ocean

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

Freestyle Cruising and live Entertainment with Norwegian Cruise Line

During the cruise on one of their ships, what you do is completely up to you. You have the choice of eating at a new place whenever you want to instead of being bound by the ship’s itinerary. The renowned “freestyle cruising” concept is followed at the Norwegian cruises. This means that there are no dress codes or specific times to dine at. Also, a wide variety of onboard fun activities are offered ensuring no boredom.

All day and night, there is live entertainment. You can also enjoy expansive spas and modern fitness center or taste wines and play in the casino.

Unique Experiences

Apart from providing the freedom of doing whatever you want, the Norwegian cruises that continuously pushes boundaries to provide the customers with unique experiences that other cruises don’t offer. The cruise also ensures that the traditional amenities that the ship provides are of high-quality too just like the new features and activities that the cruise introduces. The ships are always working to be innovative and never fail to come up with new cruise ideas.

A dream Cruise for Anyone

The cruise is suitable for all; families, couples, singles, and party enthusiasts. Entertainment options include family-friendly shows and improvisational comedy. Nickelodeon characters keep the young one occupied while families can also have fun at the trampoline and water slides. For singles, the Norwegian Cruise Line ships include impressive studio cabins.

Most large and innovative Ships

The fleet consists of 16 ships that go to 120 ports all over the world. All the sixteen ships are large-sized, and despite the numerous activities, the cruise doesn’t cost much. Two of the ships from the Norwegian Cruise ships are the most famous and are well-known for how innovative they are. The two are the Norwegian Epic and the Pride of America; former being the third largest cruise ship.