Hurtigruten Cruise Lines

Also known as the Norwegian Costal Voyage, Hurtigruten cruises offers its passengers a chance to view and capture first-hand picturesque sceneries which they get to experience as they travel around on board the Hurtigruten. Moreover, it features 15 ships under it which range from 3 to 4 stars each projecting different values and cultures but not diverting from the core principles of an exciting and memorable cruise.

A cruise ship of Hurtigruten Cruise Lines

Hurtigruten Cruise Lines

Hurtigruten Foto: Oscar Farrera

Philosophy of Cruise Line

As a passenger on board one of the Hurtigruten cruise ships, you would get a chance to go on a wide range of shore excursions at places you're sure to remember. Each stop has breathtaking beauty to offer, rightfully giving this cruise line the name of the worlds most beautiful voyage. Also, a sense of exclusivity is also created as Hurtigruten Cruises do not entertain more than a 1000 passengers at a time, allowing for a more intimate journey.

Unique Benefits

Distinctive features of the cruise line consist of the element of personalization and intimacy due to entertaining only a 1000 passengers at a time. This coupled with the ability given to passengers to choose which culture they would like to experience or “visit†makes for a memorable experience. Each of the ships in Hurtigruten Cruises offers a different style which portrays a different culture or background. Also, the chance to go on excursions and learn more about the history of the destination that you'll be visiting and panoramic lounges on each vessel offers passengers great value for the money. Hurtigruten cruise ships are cigarette-free except for smoke lounges and they also offer passengers a customized dining experience.

Get Groups

By offering packages below $1000, Hurtigruten Cruises aims to target the middle class, upper middle class, and the elite class thus allowing a majority of people to sail on board one of its cruise ships allowing the passengers to travel and experience destinations that they would not have had the chance to otherwise see. Children are also welcome on-board so that the whole family can enjoy the cruise. However, child-friendly facilities and activities offered are only a few.

Cruise Line

Hurtigruten Cruises journey to both seldom traveled and frequently traveled destinations allowing passengers a scenic experience of the places they are passing through and ultimately going on to visit. Some of the destinations include Norway, Antarctica, Greenland, and other regions of the Arctic. The officers and crew present on board are Scandinavian.