Australia Cruise

Bird's eye view of Sydney with houses, ships on the sea and a bridge

Explore Australia with a cruise.

Embarking on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand can be considered as an adventure of a lifetime. You'd be going to a world filled with amazing land- and seascapes, varied culture and histories, exotic wildlife, charming little towns and modern cities. Australia and New Zealand are home to unique land animals and the Great Barrier Reef is also filled with breathtaking underwater wildlife. As you cruise along the countries, you'll be able to experience:

The Exotic and Unique Wildlife

These places have a lot of exotic wildlife which cannot be found anywhere else. From the cuddly koalas to the wild Tasmanian Devils, you'd be amazed at how many different species you will be able to spot while on the cruise.

The Dramatic Landscapes

Geographically speaking, Australia and New Zealand are bounties of dramatic landscapes. From the vibrant jungles to the Outback region, which is much like a desert, the splendid fjords to the beautiful beaches. Taking this cruise would allow you to see all these and more.

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the wonders of the world, it would be a thrill to explore the Great Barrier Reef to see the thriving world under the water.

Contemporary Cities and Relaxed Culture

These cities offer a lot of opportunities to shop and try out the local fare and drink. You'd also be able to experience the relaxed culture of these countries.

When you're planning to go on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand, there are a lot of things to consider. For Australia, the time you'd travel would depend on what you are after. Typically tourists go during the summer, which are in the months of November through March, when there is a lot to see. But if you prefer fewer crowds, cooler weather and better deals, you can go on the months of April to October which happen to fall in the winter season.

When traveling to New Zealand, the best time would be in the months of December to February, which is the peak season for cruising. However, you can also go in the months of May through August which have colder weather.

There are many places to visit when you go on such a cruise. Australia and New Zealand are both amazingly beautiful places, and offer a variety of activities which you can enjoy. From among all these choices, we've picked some of the best places to go to possibly guide you when you are arranging your itinerary.

The Great Barrier Reef

Yes, we've already mentioned this, but it deserves to be repeated. When you go on this cruise, it would not be complete without taking a tour of the Great Barrier Reef. It has an amazing coral life as well as beautiful sea life which live within the corals.

Visit Tasmania

Tasmania is gaining popularity as one of the sights to see in an Australian cruise. Going here would be an adventure on its own as you would be able to explore around and try the local cuisine.

Take a Tour of Australia's Northwest

What used to be a secret paradise has now grown in popularity as well. If you'd like to really explore, you'd have to go on one of the vessels which are really meant for an expedition there.

The Exotic Bird Watching

There are remote pieces of land in New Zealand where you would be able to try your hand at exotic bird watching. This is especially exciting if you are a fan of bird watching or if you enjoy seeing wildlife in nature.

Go Green and Geothermal

New Zealand is quite close to the Pacific Ring of Fire which is where you'll be able to view some amazingly surreal (but still safe) volcanic activity.

The Australia and New Zealand cruise departs from various ports. Of course, there are many other ports and cruise lines from where Australia is reachable. These are as follows:

  1. Sydney
  2. Auckland
  3. Melbourne
  4. Brisbane
  5. Fremantle
  6. Adelaide
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Benoa
  9. Cape Town
  10. Singapore City

The Australia cruises are operated by the world’s top class cruise lines. The average length of each cruise line is 10 to 14 days. A list of cruise lines is given below:

  1. Princess Cruises
  2. Royal Caribbean
  3. Holland America Line
  4. Celebrity Cruises
  5. Cunard
  6. Oceania Cruises
  7. Norwegian Cruise Line
  8. Azamara Club Cruises
  9. Seabourn
  10. Crystal Cruises

Apart from the above mentioned cruise lines, you can book any other cruise to Australia and/or New Zealand. These are simply a few popular cruise lines that are mostly available.

Holland America Line is premium cruise line. It caters to Anglo-American premium markets. This cruise line is known for offering 500 cruises to 415 ports.

The commonly available cruise ships for Australia cruises are as follows:

  1. Sun Princess
  2. Sea Princess
  3. Golden Princess
  4. Celebrity Solstice
  5. Explorer of the Seas
  6. Noordam
  7. Voyager of the Seas
  8. Queen Mary 2
  9. Maasdam
  10. Majestic Princess