Alaska Cruise

Blue river surrounded by snow covered mountains in Alaska

Explore Alaska with a cruise.

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Sometimes, this northernmost part of the United States gets unrightfully omitted from the list of the most majestic places in the world. In its arsenal are thousands upon thousands of miles of breathtaking coastline, each city different from the others, a seemingly endless array of stunning glaciers, and some fast and relentless waterways. Amongst the crucial elements of this cruise are:


This former Russian port is maybe the most unique melting pot in the world, effortlessly fusing two contrasting cultures in one small town. Alongside the Russian and American influences is the subtle, but noticeable influence of the Sitka Tribe. It is truly a cultural phenomenon to behold.

Sawyer Glacier

Many travelers and writers cite the greatest problem of visiting Alaska as the simple abundance of natural beauties. There are just so many things to see and do. Aside from the stunning ice formations, you will be greeted by flocks of seagulls, whales, and sea lions – all animals that have gotten used to human presence in the area.


With the Gold Rush being one of the most important periods and one of the most interesting phenomena in US history, Skagway is not to be missed at all. Take a Gold Rush History tour and walk the footsteps of men and women that came searching for a better future. A truly unique place with a living, breathing history.

When talking about Alaska cruises, it’s important to note that the season lasts from June to August. Due to the harsh and unforgiving winter climate, travelers must make use of the hottest period of the year, just to make the travel more pleasant.

Although the entire summer is filled with temperatures from 60 to 70 degrees, July and August often see a lot of rain, which can spoil the experience a little bit.

If you want to save money and avoid the crowds, May or September might be the better choices, simply because the crowds are thinner and the fares are lower. The only problems are that, due to the more unpredictable weather, some excursion and hiking trips are more likely to get canceled. The sea is very choppy in early autumn, so you shouldn’t opt for that time if you have a tendency to feel seasick.

The joy and value of visiting Alaska lie precisely in the fact that you have to make your own decision about what to visit. You are your own boss during the trip, and you can carefully plan according to your own wishes. From the abundance of charming ports, scintillating displays of natural beauty and wildlife – there are plenty of sights to choose from and to indulge in.

Northern Lights

Who in the world would miss probably the most majestic display of the wonder of nature? To witness the Aurora, you have to venture to the northernmost parts of the state, in order to bask in some unforgettably colorful nights.


A city that was once a big “red light district” is now a cultural hub for alternative forms of artistic expressions. New and innovative restaurants, jazz bars, and unique shops all pave the Creek Street and give it its undeniable and unique charm.


The capital of the state, this city boasts a bunch of activities to choose from. Prepare yourself for an invigorating combination of exhausting hikes, excellent craft beer, and some of the best food on this planet.

The Hubbard Glacier

A crucial part of the Glacier Bay National Park, this wonderful icy construction is guaranteed to make your jaw drop down to the floor due to the sheer magnitude and power this structure possesses.

Denali National Park

This ancient region and wonderful collection of rare wildlife is a must-see on your cruise to Alaska. You will forget all the life’s worries and problems when you take a glance at the vast expanse - and the flora and fauna that inhabit it.

The Alaska cruise departs from various ports. Apart from the below-mentioned ports, you can take cruise to Alaska from any nearest port as per your convenience. These are few common cruise lines that are mostly available.

These are as follows:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Fairbanks
  3. Seattle
  4. Anchorage
  5. Seward
  6. Calgary
  7. Whittier
  8. San Francisco

The cruises to Alaska are operated by most of the well-known cruise lines. The average length of each cruise line is 6 to 9 days only. A list of cruise lines is given below:

  1. Princess Cruises
  2. Holland America Line
  3. Norwegian Cruise Line
  4. Celebrity Cruises
  5. Royal Caribbean
  6. Carnival Cruise Lines
  7. Disney Cruise Line
  8. Crystal Cruises
  9. Regent Seven Seas
  10. Oceania Cruises

Apart from the above mentioned cruise lines, you can book any other cruise to Alaska.

Holland America Line is premium cruise line. It caters to Anglo-American premium markets. This cruise line is known for offering 500 cruises to 415 ports.

The commonly available cruise ships for cruise to Alaska are as follows:

  1. Golden Princess
  2. Explorer of the Seas
  3. Norwegian Pearl
  4. Eurodam
  5. Norwegian Sun
  6. Star Princess
  7. Island Princess
  8. Celebrity Millennium
  9. Radiance of the Seas
  10. Celebrity Solstice