Price Alert Pricing

Using Cruisewatch to search for cruises, comparing prices and sailing and checking the cruise price history is COMPLETELY FREE!

However, if you want to take your cruise search to another level, we offer an advanced price alert system that could save you hundreds of dollars on your next cruise vacation. The first price alert you set up is FREE, but if one is not enough for you, then we have several upgraded options from which you can choose: 

Price Alert Pricing

To put it simply, if you love to cruise as much as we do and actively start way in advance, you can select 20 alerts for 6 months and pay an upfront fee of $49.99. If the subscription is renewed (standard), you'll be billed the same amount in 6 months again.

We also offer individual packages for advanced cruisers, cruise professionals and travel agents. Just send us an email to [email protected] with your needs and we’ll send you a tailor made offer that matches your needs.

There are 2 possibilities for you to purchase additional price alerts. You can either change your existing plan to a higher volume or buy an additional plan to supplement to difference.

So you went all out with setting up alerts, but now you want to reduce your existing plan? You can simply select the new plan that you want, then after your current plan expires, we will switch it automatically to your new choice.