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Since 2016, Cruisewatch has been bringing our US customers clear-cut recommendations based on innovative AI analytics, data-driven personalization, and unparalleled price prediction. By keeping our focus on our customers and providing market transparency through tailor-made real-time alerts, we’ve won the trust of more than 100,000 customers. 

Now we intend to serve the Australian market with new and improved service offerings and user experience - we aim to win your trust as well! Check out the facts for what made us so successful in the US and how we’re going to be 10 times better here...

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What has made us great in the US?

  • highly qualified cruise audience

  • More than 2.5 million emails sent yearly

  • More than 750k unique visitors yearly

  • More than 25k sailings online

  • 400% visitor growth last 12 months

Check the specs

  • 100k+ Visits Monthly

  • 25k Email Subscribers

  • 100m+ Stored Data Points


  • Gender

    • Female: 60% 

    • Male: 40% 

  • Age 

    • under 34: 23% 

    • 35-44: 19% 

    • 45-54: 20% 

    • 55-64: 20% 

    • over 64: 18%

Reach your ideal audience

From high impact display ads to email sponsorship opportunities to CPC advertising, we offer options for every budget. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for custom alternatives if you don’t see a choice that fits your preferences.

CPM Placements

The following CPM Placements are possible:

Display Advertising

  • Delayed ad call on all below the fold (BTF) ad units

  • Desktop and Tablet

    • 160x600

    • 300x250 

    • 300x600

    • 468x60

    • 728x90

    • 970x90

  • Mobile

    • 300x250

    • 320x50

  • Targeting by cruise line, destination, demographics, geo-targeting, and by device type

  • Audience Extension/Remarketing - Deliver IAB standard ads that follow your target audience beyond

  • Standard, flash, HTML5 and rich media accepted

High Impact Placements

  • Page/Section take over

  • Roadblock

  • Boomerang

Advertorial and Sponsored Content

Exceed your campaign objectives with bespoke solutions custom-tailored to your needs.

Email Sponsorship

  • Dedicated: Responsive, custom HTML spotlights your offer across all devices 

  • Alerts: Sponsor up to three deals or offers in our alert emails, automated to send as prices are changing 

  • Newsletter: Get exclusive sponsorship of our email newsletters, which 90% of our customers opt to receive daily

Lead (CPL) Opportunities

Booking form: Receive high-quality leads from our customers straight to your inbox.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Opportunities

Book now: Our online booking requests will be transferred directly into your booking engine.