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We love to cruise and we love technology. What if we combine both to continuously scan for good bargains and send you alerts when we find great deals? That is the basic idea behind cruisewatch.

Today, we monitor more than 25,000 different cruise sailings for the US market. We also have access to cruise price history going back for 5 years and process 500,000+ cruise reviews to identify not only the best price but also the best value for a specific cruise. We compare different price sources which enables you to find the best cruise deals possible.

We have now launched our services in Australia and we intend on bringing an improved level of information and benefits to you. Our loyal members have trusted us over the years to help them find, book and plan their perfect cruise, for the perfect price, at the perfect time… Why not join them as well? What do you have to lose?

You can use our cruise search platform to browse thousands of cruises completely for free! Additionally, we have a cruise price alert system which can allow you to save up to 70% when booking your cruise! This system lets you know if the cruise prices are expected to increase or drop within a certain timeframe, and then tells you the precise moment to book, so you can save BIG! 

You can set up as many alerts as you like - the first one is completely free! If one is not enough, then we have several options for upgraded price alerts from which you can select.

Thank you for welcoming us to Australia! We hope using our platform brings you as much excitement (and savings!) as it has for us…

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]


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